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    Epoisses 250 g Epoisses 250 g

    Epoisses 250 g

    Code : M231
    Epoisses is a cheese made in the village Epoisses found in the commune of Côte-d’Or in France. It is a pungent washed-rind cheese (washed in Marc de Bourgogne, the local pomace brandy) made from unpasteurized cows’s milk.

    Regular Price: 754 THB

    Special Price 480 THB

  2. Munster AOP 125 g

    Code : T13241
    Munster is a cheese that comes from the Alsace region in France dating back to approximately the seventh century. It is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and is matured in damp cellars from 5 weeks up to 3 months depending on the size. The cheese should have a slick and shiny brickcolored rind, a semi-soft body, a very strong and penetrating odor, and a very strong taste.

    Regular Price: 225 THB

    Special Price 140 THB

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    Fauqet Maroilles 200 g. Fauqet Maroilles 200 g.

    Fauqet Maroilles 200 g.

    Code : T24920
    Maroilles is often reported to have first been made in 962 by a monk in the Abbey of Maroilles. The cheese rapidly became famous throughout the region and was a favorite of several French kings. The cheese is made in individual rectangular blocks with a moist orange-red washed rind and a strong smell.

    Regular Price: 530 THB

    Special Price 438 THB

  4. Le Montagnard 200 g.

    Code : B006001
    Le Montagnard is a cow’s milk cheese produced in the village of Le Tholy in the French region of Lorraine.It is made exclusively from milk collected from farms above 600 meters, around the area. It is this strict selection which gives the cheese its robust flavour and creamy texture. Consumers sometimes extend the maturation period by rubbing it with plum brandy.
    235 THB

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  5. - 34%
    Langres Schert Cello AOP 180 g. Langres Schert Cello AOP 180 g.

    Langres Schert Cello AOP 180 g.

    Code : T23120
    Langres cheese is made in the high plains of Champagne. Langres cheese traced back from the 18th century. Langres cheesemakers still use traditional methods to produce their cheese. During the long ripening period, the cheese is put in a very humid cellar. Langres cheese is regularly washed with an orange pigment from the Annatto tree found in America. Sometimes the cheese is also washed with local Marc de Champagne. Coming from the same family as Epoisses and Munster, Langres has a strong smell. The firm pâte melts in the mouth and unfold a complex taste. Although a bit salty, Langres is milder than Epoisses.

    Regular Price: 369 THB

    Special Price 245 THB

  6. Pont L’Eveque Gillot Noir 220 g

    Code : G09408
    Pont L’Eveque Gillot Noir is a soft cheese. Made from cow’s milk collected from producers of the Bocage Ornais area. The colour of its fairly smooth rind varies between golden yellow and orange. Its texture must be light yellow and tender, meaning not too dry or too runny.

    Regular Price: 415 THB

    Special Price 260 THB

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  7. Mont d'or 560 g

    Code : T21770
    It is a soft, rich, seasonal cheese made from cow's milk in Switzerland or France, usually in villages of the Jura region (an origin that has been officially controlled since 1981), and has a grayish-yellow washed rind. It is often served warmed in its original packaging and eaten like fondue. A must try for all the cheese lovers.
    750 THB

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  8. Livarot AOP 250 g

    Code : T23530
    Named after a village of Normandy where it is made, Livarot is a very strong smelling cheese. With its smooth, ripe, slightly spicy flavor, it becomes a true gourmet item in French tradition.

    Regular Price: 536 THB

    Special Price 389 THB

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  9. Reblochon Laitier AOP

    Code : T23746
    Its first creation was date back in the Middle Age. Reblochon has a creamy, softer-than-Brie texture; a nutty after taste; and a strong herbal aroma that is not for the timid. The cheese becomes bitter, however, when overripe. (Minimum order 500 g.)
    500 THB
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