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About Us

About Us

Come to share the French delicatessen

Since 2006 Mega Selection has provided the best cheeses and products in Thailand through its delicatessen name "Quintessence".

Faithful to the values of tradition and quality, Quintessence products gained a good reputation. We have a wide range of products in accord with the French traditional recipes and quality ingredients. It ensures our customers the highest quality and that we use the best cheeses and products from all regions of France.

To satisfy our customers, we created a shop online, only for individual customers. In one click, you can access to our range of products which will be delivered directly to your home.

We invite you to taste the cheeses, cold cuts and others delicacies. We select craftmen who are concerned about the traditional value and who work in the rules of art. It takes a lot of time and efforts for each product to be made. The regional products have a key place in our online shop.

We are also very careful about how our products look. So now, close your eyes and sit to enjoy. Enjoy our monthly promotions. YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Story and passion

Communication is a real mindset to us. The expertise of Uparim C. Marie, who have created MEGA SUPPLY then MEGA SELECTION in 2003 and 2004 was a real way to reach the customer, which made the success of the company since then.

The highlighting of the great French cheeses, unknown from the locals so far, have contributed to its immediate success which allowed her to create a company specialized in importing of French quality products.

Uparim C. Marie, dream to create her own product line " The cheeses of Quintessence" which will be available in all fine dining place from North to South.

The pioneering spirit she acquired from her experience in Thailand has expanded her activities to a further range of high quality products such as duck and goose foie gras and cold cuts.

Her contemporary vision of her work combined with ressources that she has deployed, allowed her to turn her passion for the products of her native region (Normandy) in a human achievement, professional and commercial.